About company

We have been operating continuously since 2012, recording continuous, dynamic growth.

Thanks to our skills, we are able to ensure reliable preparation of the project for implementation, minimize the impact of investment works on the current operations of the company and maximize the benefits of the planned investments.

We can assess and advise on how to solve specific tasks, both in terms of engineering and organization.


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Provider of modern technologies in the field of industrial automation, robotics and IT systems (Wonderware, Emerson, Kawasaki, Korenix)
Distributor of analytical, control and measurement equipment


System Platform

Quality policy

The main goals of our company's quality policy are:

  • high level of services provided,
  • timely flexibility and ensuring the shortest possible deadlines for the execution of orders,
  • price competitiveness,
  • constantly adapting to the client's needs.

We achieve these goals through:

  • maintaining the principles of honesty and presenting truthful information bearing in mind, above all, the good of the client,
  • cooperation only with proven suppliers and contract companies that are able to meet our requirements,
  • very accurate recognition of the client's requirements and expectations,
  • continuous and systematic improvement of technical qualifications of employees,
  • offering products and design services that meet the highest possible standards,
  • adherence to deadlines and compliance with the schedule.